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New Traer Welcomes New Students

All of our residence halls received updates this summer, but the most comprehensive improvements were completed in Traer, the building many of our first year students call home.

Some of the most noticeable changes to Traer were in the courtyard, where 60 bushes were replaced with Bermuda sod, four Crepe Myrtle trees and 20 new Adirondack chairs.

Traer, 8.7.15 - 13


Traer, 8.7.15 - 7

New steps were installed in all three stairwells and then painted. The railings throughout the hall were also painted.

Traer, 8.7.15 - 10


All rooms and lounges got a fresh coat of paint and two of the lounges received new tile floors and blinds. Inside the suites, 35 received new carpet and vinyl flooring. Ceiling tiles, window blinds, light fixtures and suite doors were replaced as needed throughout the hall. Kick plates were installed on all suite doors.
Traer, 8.7.15 - 14


Traer, 8.7.15 - 8


The exterior of the building and entrance doors were also painted.

Traer, 8.7.15 - 3


Everything was completed in time for the arrival of the Class of 2019. Welcome home Petrels!

IMG_5882 IMG_5873