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Gables rendering

Gables Brookhaven will be a high-end mixed-use residential complex combining apartment living with state-of-the-art classrooms, secure parking, and desirable recreational amenities. The new development will be located on the corner of Peachtree Road and Hermance Drive on property owned by the university. As per a long term land-lease agreement reached in January 2014, Gables Residential will lease approximately 7 acres of land from Oglethorpe, and will construct, operate and maintain Gables Brookhaven.

Project Benefits

Oglethorpe University is experiencing significant growth and plans to further expand our current student population of 1100 to 1500 by 2020 as part of the strategic plan. The Gables Brookhaven residential community will help to:

Fulfill a need for student housing while shifting financial risk
We are near capacity in our residence halls and will need additional space to accommodate this growth. As we continue to grow, it will continue to offer a rich residential experience to all students. Evidence suggests that students who live on campus perform better academically and are more likely to persist to graduation. The new complex will help provide us with room to grow our residential population without necessitating a significant financial investment.

Drive enrollment and enable academic expansion
Studies have found that residential facilities have a profound, positive relationship to the recruitment and retention of students. National surveys have shown that students rank “residential facilities” as the most important to see on a campus visit and have second highest impact, behind facilities in their academic major, on decisions to enroll. In addition, Oglethorpe’s growth necessitates additional classroom space. Gables Brookhaven’s 6,000 square feet of state-of-the-art classroom space will help to alleviate that need.

Increase parking capacity
Gables Oglethorpe will make available an additional 100 covered and secure parking spaces to faculty and staff from Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Expand Oglethorpe’s physical presence
In 2015, Oglethorpe will celebrate 100 years at our Peachtree Road campus.  From the front gates, little has seemingly changed, regardless of the development within campus. The expansion at Peachtree Road and Hermance Drive will allow us to show a modern, progressive face to metro Atlanta

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