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Schmidt Recreation Center scores new wood floor

It’s out with the old and in with the new at the Schmidt Recreation Center auxiliary gym.

A custom Stormy Petrels wooden floor was recently installed in the space and has breathed new life into the gym.

“The rubber tartan floor that existed there was past its life expectancy,” said Athletic Director Todd Brooks. “Wood continues to be the standard and the safest option in such sports facilities. Along with allowing for a nicer venue for recreational activities open to all students, it will open up the potential for simultaneous practices of our intercollegiate volleyball and basketball teams by using Schmidt and the Black Top in Dorough Field House. Up to this point, teams have had to stay as late as 10 or 11:00 p.m. in order to get their practices in. With the addition of the wood floor, these times will no longer be necessary.”

“The floor replacement will greatly impact our athletic and recreational programming for years to come.”

Previously, the new wood flooring had been used in Toronto, Canada for several weeks during a training camp for EuroLeague basketball players. Praters Flooring of Chattanooga, whom Oglethorpe purchased the floor through and handled the installation, refurbished the floating court system and added the Oglethorpe Athletics logos and sport-specific lining.

basketball court

Schmidt Recreation Center auxiliary gym from the upper floor.


basketball baseline

“Oglethorpe” emblazoned on a baseline in the Schmidt Recreation Center.


schmidt gym floor

Center court in the Schmidt Recreation Center.


basketball floor

Student getting shots up in the Schmidt Recreation Center.