I.W. “Ike” Cousins Center for Science and Innovation


“The number one reason for this project is the students. Our students deserve this Center. They will get space that is inviting them in, that will be open, that they can see students from all different kinds of disciplines.” – Dr. Glenn Sharfman, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

I.W. “Ike” Cousins Center for Science and Innovation – Oglethorpe University

Progress on Oglethorpe University Campus, including the I.W. “Ike” Cousins Center for Science and Innovation

Oglethorpe plans to renovate the 20,000-square-foot Goslin Hall for the sciences and construct a modern, light- filled 25,000-square-foot addition for new innovation and design-thinking spaces, creating a completely reimagined 45,000-square-foot facility. The reimagined Goslin Hall will feature, for the sciences, discipline-specific laboratory-classrooms (physics, biology, and chemistry, with smaller and separate specialty labs for each), independent study labs, open study rooms, workshops, and office space. A highlight will be the ability to bring labs and classrooms together, providing the right kind of teaching space that allows for doing theory and practice at the same time, rather than “lecture here, lab there.”


  • Active learning
  • Engaged teaching
  • Student research
  • Guided experiences
  • Group work
  • Hands-on lessons
  • Community engagement
  • Informal meeting & connecting

“Our job is to make sure the students’ foundational work is solid. They know how to ask a question. They know how to plan an experiment. They know how to do it from start to finish. In a place that’s safe; in a place that’s exciting; in a place that’s welcoming.” – Dr. Karen Schmeichel, Assistant Professor of Biology (Division Chair)

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